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First- and Second-Generation Antipsychotics for Children and Young Adults

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Clinical Questions Addressed by the Comparative Effectiveness Review (2 of 2)

Key Questions addressed by the review included:

Do first-generation (FGAs) and second-generation (SGAs) antipsychotics differ in the following medication-associated adverse events:

  • Overall adverse events?
  • Specific adverse events?
  • Withdrawals and time to withdrawal due to adverse events?
  • Persistence and reversibility of adverse events?

Do the efficacy and risks of FGAs and SGAs vary in differing subpopulations including:

  • Sex, age group, and race?
  • Comorbidities?
  • Cotreatment versus monotherapy?
  • First episode versus prior episodes (for schizophrenia)?
  • Duration of illness?
  • Treatment naïve versus history of antipsychotic use?