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Progestogens for Prevention of Preterm Birth

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Studies and Results by Indication (2 of 3)

Several studies investigated the effects of progestogens in women categorized by a specific risk factor (the indication).

In 4 studies of women with multiple gestations (of twins and triplets) with a total of 900 women examined in treated and control groups, the risk for birth at dates earlier than 35 weeks was not reduced. The odds ratio for the pooled studies was 1.18 with a 95-percent confidence interval ranging from 0.79 to 1.39 (not a statistically significant result). The strength of evidence is moderate for this finding.

In 3 studies, birth weights were determined for infants of 698 treated and untreated women. No statistically significant difference in birth weights was found. The strength of evidence for this finding is moderate.

Fetal/neonatal death rates were determined in 5 studies of 2,966 women. The risk of fetal/neonatal death was not reduced by progestogen treatment, with a 95-percent confidence interval ranging from slightly less than equivalent risk at 0.93-fold , to 2.80 times the risk. However, the evidence is insufficient to permit conclusions about the effect of progestogens on the fetal/neonatal death rate in multiple gestations.