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Treatment for Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Adults: Comparative Effectiveness

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Limitations in the Applicability of the Findings of This Review

All the studies included in this review were conducted in treatment-naïve patients. Patients who had received prior antiviral treatment were not evaluated. The findings of this review are, therefore, applicable only to patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection who had not received prior antiviral therapy.

The trials included in this review generally met criteria for efficacy studies, based on the exclusion of patients with common comorbidities such as serious psychiatric conditions or recent or ongoing substance abuse. This exclusion limits the applicability of the findings of this review to these populations.

This review excluded patients with HIV coinfection, transplant recipients, and patients who routinely undergo hemodialysis. Antiviral therapy is not recommended in patients after a kidney transplant. Ribavirin, in particular, is not recommended in patients with more severe (stage 3 to 5) kidney disease, because it is renally cleared and is associated with an increased risk of hemolytic anemia in this setting. The findings of this review are, therefore, not applicable to these populations.