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Treatment for Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Adults: Comparative Effectiveness

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Gaps in Knowledge (1 of 2)

  • This review did not identify any studies that directly compared triple-therapy regimens including boceprevir with triple-therapy regimens including telaprevir. Triple-therapy regimens including boceprevir or telaprevir have demonstrated increased efficacy in patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 1 infection. Trials directly comparing the effects of these drugs would, therefore, be helpful for informing treatment choices between the drugs.
  • Few trials have evaluated the dual-therapy and triple-therapy regimens specifically approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for chronic HCV infection, thereby limiting confidence in conclusions regarding estimates of benefits and harms for the regimens likely to be used in clinical practice.
  • Few methodologically rigorous studies conducted in settings applicable to U.S. populations evaluated the association between achieving a sustained virologic response (SVR) and improvements in clinical outcomes. Such studies would be very helpful for confirming the results of the recent, large, well-conducted U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs cohort study showing an association between achieving an SVR and reduced mortality risk.