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Second-Generation Antidepressants for Treating Adult Depression—An Update

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What To Discuss With Your Patients About Second-Generation Antidepressants

In order to facilitate shared decisionmaking in discussions with your patients, here are a few topics to start the exchange of information:

  • The benefits of the different second-generation antidepressants for treating their specific symptoms.
  • How they will know if their medication is working.
  • How to identify the potential adverse effects of the medications and how to handle them.
  • How long they may need to take their current antidepressant.
  • The importance of adhering to their treatment regimens and what to expect if they stop taking their medications, such as withdrawal or discontinuation syndrome.
  • To always consult their health care provider before discontinuing any medication.
  • How their medications will affect the symptoms that may be accompanying their depression, such as anxiety, insomnia, or chronic pain.
  • Their comorbidities and the medications they may be taking for them and how these may influence their depression-related outcomes.