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Topic Suggestion Description

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Date submitted: February 14, 2013

Briefly describe a specific question, or set of related questions, about a health care test or treatment that this program should consider.
Nasal and internal, Methylcobalamin,(B-12) which destroys the Flu,Intestinal,and Cold Viruses on Contact.
Does your question include a comparison of different health care approaches? (If no, your topic will still be considered.)
If yes, explain the specific technologies, devices, drugs, or interventions you would like to see compared:
They are not using anything now to destroy the virus. I use for nasal, 40,000 mcg of Methylcobalamin, which gives me about 2000 mcg of Cobalt, I drop 8 tablets of 5000mcg in a 1oz nose dropper bottle,Not a spray bottle, fill it half full of water, shake it up and put it in the refrigerator. If I get the flu i put a half dropper down each nostril, and snort it back, and that is it,no more. For the intestinal Flu I eat about 6 tablets, and it should clear it in a half hour or so.
What patients or group(s) of patients does your question apply to? (Please include specific details such as age range, gender, coexisting diagnoses, and indications for therapy.)
Anybody that catches these diseases, or going to catch them.
Are there subgroups of patients that your question might apply to? (For example, an ethnic group, stage or severity of a disease.)
Children, which I feel is safe to use on.
Describe the health-related benefits you are interested in. (For example, improvements in patient symptoms or problems from treatment or diagnosis.)
To Kill the Flu and Cold Viruses.
Describe any health-related risks, side effects, or harms that you are concerned about.
None that I know of. It might make you a little hungry.I have used this on myself and some of the family and other friends, and no problem. It works fast!

Appropriateness for EHC Program

Does your question include a health care drug, intervention, device, or technology available (or likely to be available) in the U.S.?
Which priority area(s) and population(s) does this topic apply to? (check all that apply)
EHC Priority Conditions (updated in 2008)
  • Cancer
  • Dementia, including Alzheimer's disease
  • Depression and other mental health disorders
  • Infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS
  • Pulmonary disease/asthma
AHRQ Priority Populations
  • Low income groups
  • Minority groups
  • Women
  • Children
  • Elderly
  • Individuals with special health care needs, including individuals with disabilities or who need chronic care or end-of-life health care
Federal Health Care Program
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)


Describe why this topic is important.
Because what they have now is not working, this last Flu, as two Flus, intestinal and respiratory, and a vaccine can't catch both. To me Vaccines are getting to be a racket and their should be oversight on the CDC, mainly making up new Viruses, which we could catch. I don't trust them! This Nasal B-12 can save a lot of lives! The Flu almost did in Secretary Clinton, which could of been prevented! If she would of used it!
What specifically motivated you to ask this question? (For example, you are developing a clinical guideline, working with a policy with large uncertainty about the appropriate approach, costly intervention, new research you have read, items in the media you may have seen, a clinical practice dilemma you know of, etc.)
I know this Vitamin works, its a very simple thing to figure out, all you have to do, is look at the structure of the Flu Virus, It has a outer shell or two of Protein,(Amino acids) and a nucleic acid center,acids are basically Hydrogen monocles, Now what does acids do, they Attack heavy metals and what is Cobalt a heavy metal, B-12 is about 5% Cobalt. Just like your car battery, The sulfuric Acid attack the lead or cobalt plates, which creates electricity,Batteries give of Hydrogen Gas. It doesn't take a rocket scientist, to figure this out. The cells that line the Respiratory track are not basically bathed in the blood stream! That is why you have to do it topically, as you do in the Intestinal Flu. Look at the structure of B-12, right in the center is a big CO, Simple, simple,simple.
Does your question represent uncertainty for clinicians and/or policy-makers? (For example, variations in clinical care, controversy in what constitutes appropriate clinical care, or a policy decision.)
If yes, please explain:
To me they are not doing there job or spending to much time on vaccines and not killing the virus. It's time we look at this objectively, and not Money wise. Incubation of the Flu is one and half days to two days, and should be used ASAP.

Potential Impact

How will an answer to your research question be used or help inform decisions for you or your group?
That they start using Nasal B-12 NOW I am not Happy when they can buy the product on the internet, or at Walmart, and kill that virus
Describe the timeframe in which an answer to your question is needed.
Describe any health disparities, inequities, or impact on vulnerable populations your question applies to.

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