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Date submitted: April 02, 2014

Briefly describe a specific question, or set of related questions, about a health care test or treatment that this program should consider.
acid reflux / conteneous Burps


Describe why this topic is important.
Acid Reflux / Conteneous Burping or Blenching.
My Daugther had a Food Poisoning probably with a sea food dinner we had, after which she
started Non Burping for 18 days, only when she sleep, the Burps Stops.

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we had done every single Medical/ Herbal and Homeo but couldnt get rid off and had spend times in
hospital, accute Antbiotiics Meications, IV, Blood Tests, X-rays, Endoscopy etc etc., met the best
Experts consultants of Gaestro, Paeds Gastro's, but all invain and fail to diagnose the real issue,
finally a Senior Consultant At Dr.Hospital
Advised to admit my Daughter for 36 hours, after admission, she had been on npo for 6 hours and then
they put a Flexi Pro (a small thin Tube) in her nose to her stomoch for 36 hours without any food or
water, but they give Dextrose with Iv to meet the body requirments, but no solid food, after taking
out tube after 36 hours, she was perfectly ok and then she had been put under only clear Liquid Diet
for 5 hours and then for a weeks time xtremly soft diet with no spice at all and almost no meat, and till today shez perfectly ok, thus i come to a conclusion, all medications and tests we
did were of no use and even after discharge, our Dr said, no medication is advised, just go home,
relax and live a good life, Thank to the great Dr and Allah.
during this period, we had used, Omeprazol, Fassagim, Ors, Augmentin 1Gms, Klaricid,, Epivol etc etc,
, i am sure if u go under any dr.treatment, the Dr. will advise lots of medications, as physcologically if
u r admitted nd noi medications is given, u feel stress , but i come to conclusion and say, if the csse is similar as my daughter, pls refuse all medication and just follow as i told above, Allah will
heal the issue.

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