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Date submitted: May 08, 2014

Briefly describe a specific question, or set of related questions, about a health care test or treatment that this program should consider.
What is appropriate screening for persons with multiple myeloma in multiple family members?


Describe why this topic is important.
My mother was diagnosed with advanced multiple myeloma at age 75 after long term misdiagnosis of arthritis (1996) She died 5 years later. At that time we were told there was no genetic link.
This year my 65 year old sister was diagnosed with advanced multiple myeloma after a year of reporting pain and was misdiagnosed. She now needs a stem cell transplant. We are now told that there is a genetic link.

What is appropriate follow up care for myself a 52 year old female and my brothers? ......since now my mom and sister were not dx until advanced stages.

Potential Impact

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If there is a genetic component for multiple myeloma then should there not be some recommendations for family member screenings; especially when more than one family member has presented with the disease.

Early detection could possibly allow remission with less potent drugs and the need for stem cell transplant

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