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Effective Health Care Program

Consumer Products

Resumen para el consumidor en español

Consumer SummaryAug. 1, 201715(17)-EHC027-A
Consumer SummaryJuly 25, 201717-EHC010-A
Consumer SummaryMay 30, 201716(17)-EHC012-A
Consumer SummaryJan. 31, 201716(17)-EHC017-A
Consumer SummaryNov. 29, 201616(17)-EHC031-A
Consumer SummaryNov. 29, 201616(17)-EHC005-A
Consumer SummaryNov. 15, 201616(17)-EHC004-A
Consumer SummaryAug. 31, 201615(16)-EHC019-A
Consumer SummaryJuly 29, 201616-EHC008-A-EF
Consumer SummaryJuly 5, 201615(16)-EHC037-A
Consumer SummaryJune 21, 201616-EHC002-A
Consumer SummaryMay 26, 201614(16)-EHC040-A-EF
Consumer SummaryMay 24, 201615(16)-EHC030-A
Decision AidMarch 9, 2016
Consumer SummaryFeb. 16, 201614(16)-EHC029-A
Consumer SummaryJan. 21, 201615-EHC004-EF-A
Consumer SummarySept. 2, 201515-EHC001-A-EF
Consumer SummarySept. 23, 201414-EHC036-A
Consumer SummaryMay 17, 201111-EHC022-A

How to order printed color copies of EHC Program research

These summaries of Effective Health Care Program research can be read on this Web site or downloaded to your computer and printed. To order one or more color printed copies, call the AHRQ Publications Clearinghouse at 1-800-358-9295 or order online at the AHRQ Publications Clearinghouse. When placing your order, indicate the publication number you wish to receive.