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Lung Cancer Screening Tools for Patients and Clinicians

The following tools work together to facilitate discussions between health care professionals and their patients about lung cancer screening with low-dose computed tomography (LDCT):

For Patients

Is Lung Cancer Screening Right for Me? A Decision Aid for People Considering Lung Cancer Screening With Low-Dose Computed Tomography

  • To be used by the patient before a visit with a health care professional to discuss lung cancer screening
  • Presents information about:
    • Lung cancer screening
    • Eligibility for screening
    • Potential harms and benefits of screening
    • What is important in making a decision to be screened
    • Questions to ask a health care professional about screening
    • Insurance coverage

AHRQ Publication No. 16-EHC007-12-A

For Patients and Their Health Care Professionals

Is Lung Cancer Screening Right for Me? A Decisionmaking Tool for You and Your Health Care Professional

  • To be used by the patient and health care professional together during a visit to help guide shared decisionmaking
  • Briefly summarizes the harms and benefits of lung cancer screening, important items in making a decision, and insurance coverage information

AHRQ Publication No. 16-EHC007-13-A

For Primary Care Clinicians

Lung Cancer Screening: A Summary Guide for Primary Care Clinicians

  • To be used by the health care professional in preparation for a shared decisionmaking visit regarding lung cancer screening with LDCT
  • Provides an overview of lung cancer screening according to the recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force on screening for lung cancer
  • Reviews the new eligibility criteria for lung cancer screening with LDCT for Medicare beneficiaries and people with private health insurance
  • Presents evidence about the potential benefits and harms of screening with LDCT

AHRQ Publication No. 16-EHC007-10

Lung Cancer Screening: A Clinician’s Checklist

  • To be used by the health care team during and after the shared decisionmaking visit
  • Provides step-by-step guidance on meeting the beneficiary eligibility requirements for lung cancer screening for people covered by Medicare
  • May also be useful for smokers not covered by Medicare

AHRQ Publication No. 16-EHC007-11