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Topic Suggestion Description

Date submitted: May 14, 2014

Briefly describe a specific question, or set of related questions, about a health care test or treatment that this program should consider.

We would like to nominate the following topics for the methodological AHRQ reports:

  1. Examining the robustness of the using GRADE to classify the evidence as high, moderate, or low.
  2. Machine learning methods for screening of the retrieved studies (comparative efficiency of various methods).
  3. Machine learning methods for new evidence surveillance.
  4. Network meta-analyses of comparative effectiveness and safety with heterogeneity evaluation and ranking the quality of evidence.
  5. Methods of imputing missing data in quantitative analyses.
  6. Quantification of the value of the information for judging benefits and harms and for determining future research needs.
  7. Valid methods for expert consensus development in cases of low or insufficient evidence (e.g. formalization and quantification of Delphi or other consensus approaches).
  8. Validating the rapid review vs. systematic review and understanding the level of bias introduced with this alternative methodological approach.
Describe why this topic is important.

Valid and efficient methodology in the comprehensive evidence-based reports would improve clinical research methodology and inform decision-making in clinical care and improve the quality of healthcare and patient outcomes.

How will an answer to your research question be used or help inform decisions for you or your group?

Elsevier Clinical Solutions utilize the high quality AHRQ reports and methodological guides to produce better syntheses of research data to inform development of better information resources for those who need them at the point of care.

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My goal is development and implementation of EBM standards in Elsevier products, routine monitoring of the compliance with EBM standards and assuring quality in Elsevier print and electronic products.
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The Evidence- Based Medicine Center of Excellence
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Elisabeth Kato suggested nominating methodological topics