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Effective Health Care Program

SRC Information Resource Services

The Scientific Resource Center (SRC) provides these information resource services to support the work of investigators involved in evidence synthesis.

  • SRC Methods Library: citation database of evidence synthesis methods and more
  • evidence synthesis methods searching tool
  • Article Alert: free Email alert service of new evidence synthesis methods publications

AHRQ Scientific Resource Center Methods Library (SRCML) (Coming in early 2017)

SRC Information Specialists can provide personalized search assistance — Email us at

The SRCML provides access to the international methods literature, offering specialized searching capabilities, and links to free full text (when available), PubMed, and publisher Web sites. In addition to the citations available via the PubMed search tool described below, the full SRCML contains citations from non-medical fields and more publication types (comments, dissertations, books, etc.) - Evidence Synthesis Methods Searching Tool

The PubMed evidence synthesis methods tool helps searchers zero in on publications to inform and support synthesis processes. The tool limits search results to the methods for, or evaluation of, any step in doing or using evidence reviews/syntheses. It also includes citations on primary study methods to improve understanding of how these affect evidence syntheses.

The scope covers both methods research and guidance from organizations. The publications include citations to journal articles as well as full-text documents at PubMed.

Methods research studies include:

  • Comparative evaluations of techniques
  • Development, evaluation, or validation of a technique
  • Analyses of the methods used by studies
  • Consensus and Delphi studies and surveys of methods
  • Systematic reviews of these studies are also included

To use the systematic review methods subset in PubMed

Enter this in the search box: sysrev_methods[sb] AND insert your search term(s) here

For an example, see the results of this search: sysrev_methods [sb] AND "network meta-analysis"

For further subset information, please see these National Library of Medicine Web pages:

Article Alert

The free Article Alert service delivers a weekly email to your inbox containing recently published articles on all aspects of systematic review, comparative effectiveness review, health technology assessment, guideline, and quantitative and qualitative synthesis methodologies.

  • Medical, psychological, educational, etc., methodology research literatures covered
  • Curated by our seasoned research staff from a wide array of sources: PubMed, journal table of contents, author alerts, bibliographies, and prominent international methodology Web sites
  • 20 citations/week on average
  • Saves you time AND keeps you up to date on the latest research

Article Alert records include:

  • Citation information/abstract
  • Links: PMID (PubMed ID) and DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
  • Free Full Text: PubMed Central or publisher link (when available);

Access the Article Alert archives

Subscribe to Article Alert: complete the online subscription form or email the SRC.