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Effective Health Care Program

AHRQ EPC Program Launches Learning Health Systems Panel to Help Make Evidence Reports More Useful to Health Systems in Improving Patient Care

AHRQ has awarded a 3-year contract to the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to convene a health systems panel to guide the EPC program in developing and disseminating evidence reports that can be used by learning health systems in improving patient care. The learning health systems panel will generate ideas, provide feedback, make improvements, and implement and evaluate materials. To conduct this project, AIR will be supported by Cognitive Medical Systems Inc., Kaiser Permanente Northwest, University of California San Francisco, and individual consultants.

AHRQ Views Blog Postings Highlighted EPC Program in 2018

The EPCs produce evidence reports on medications, devices, and other health care services for the EHC Program with the goal of helping consumers, health care professionals, and policymakers make informed and evidence-based health care decisions. In this past year, postings in AHRQ Views blog have highlighted important findings and contributions from EPC evidence reports on relevant and timely topics.

Managing pain with opioids and non-opioids:

AHRQ Has Special Emphasis Notice on Grants About Innovative Methods Research To Increase the Utility of Systematic Reviews

AHRQ has released a  Special Emphasis Notice (SEN) (NOT-HS-17-019) to inform the research community that AHRQ intends to support research designed to develop innovative systematic review methods that address the opportunities and challenges of the current era of data abundance, and make systematic reviews both more efficient and salient to improve the healthcare of Americans.

Draft Comments Form for Stroke Prevention in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation: A Systematic Review Update

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Disclosure Policy for AHRQ Effective Health Care Program Public Review

Original Implementation Date: July 22, 2010; Most Recent Revision: July 29, 2014

The AHRQ Effective Health Care (EHC) Program supports and is committed to the transparency of its public review process. Reviewers are not required to provide their name or affiliation in order to submit comments.

For draft key questions, comments will be taken into consideration and may potentially result in modifications to the final key questions; however, individual comments will not be identified or posted, except in summary form.

For draft reports, comments will be publicly posted on the EHC Program Web site within 3 months after the associated final report is posted on this Web site. Each review comment on the draft report will be listed with the reviewer’s name and affiliation, if such information is provided. Please note that if reviewers include identifiable personal health information, it will be redacted. The report authors’ responses to the comments (the “disposition of comments”) will be posted on the same Web page as the associated final report.

A Framework for Conceptualizing Evidence Needs of Health Systems

Structured Abstract

Objectives. To develop a framework for understanding the evidence needs of health systems to inform the AHRQ EPC Program future efforts.

Data sources. Three data sources were used: (a) peer-reviewed literature from a systematic search of English-language publications in MEDLINE from January 2007–April 2017, (b) original data from four programs serving health system requests for evidence syntheses, and (c) input during a face-to-face meeting at AHRQ in June 2017 from health system stakeholders and EPC investigators.

Federal Agencies Can Partner With AHRQ To Support Evidence Reports

The Evidence-based Practice Center Program synthesizes evidence on health care topics to help with clinical or policy decision-making or to help identify future research needs. Federal agencies can partner with AHRQ through an Interagency Agreement (IAA) to support systematic reviews and technical briefs. For questions about the EPC program and for more information on the process of establishing an IAA with the AHRQ EPC Program, please contact

Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) Reports Related to Medicines on the Medicare and Medicaid Drug Spending Dashboards

Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) Reports Related to Medicines on the Medicare and Medicaid Drug Spending Dashboards