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AHRQ EPC Program Helps Health Systems Use Evidence

Series Overview

The AHRQ Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) program is committed to partnering with organizations to make sure its evidence reports can be used in practice. 

As part of AHRQ's commitment to accelerating the spread of evidence-based best practices across learning health systems, the EPC Program wants to help learning health systems use the evidence from its evidence reports to improve patient care. This webpage showcases projects by the EPC program to help make evidence reports more useful for health systems.

Learning Health Systems Panel

In 2018, the AHRQ EPC Program started a project to enhance learning health systems' adoption of evidence to improve the quality and effectiveness of patient care. To do this, it is convening a learning health systems panel to guide the development of products and tools that will help health systems use findings from EPC evidence reviews. The learning health systems panel is generating ideas, providing feedback, and making improvements to products and tools. In 2020-21, learning health systems represented in the panel will implement and evaluate materials. Get more details about the Learning Health Systems Panel.

Methods Reports

The reports listed in this section aim to help advance the methods used by the EPCs in conducting and disseminating systematic reviews that can be useful to health systems.

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2019 Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety Series

This series highlighted the EPCs pilot translational products to improve the ability of health systems to access and understand information from the EPC evidence reviews.