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Effective Health Care Program

Impact of Community Health Worker Certification on Workforce and Service Delivery for Asthma and Other Selected Chronic Diseases


In support of a new, national framework to inform multisector activities to control asthma through evidence-based population-level interventions (Hsu 2018), the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and one of their Evidence-based Practice Centers (EPC) will prepare a technical brief to provide an overview of the impact of community health worker (CHW) certification on workforce and service delivery for asthma and other selected chronic diseases, through a systematic literature search and key informant interviews. This brief will illuminate the current state of evidence on opportunities to improve access, delivery, and quality of services to reduce the morbidity of asthma and other selected health conditions, as well as inform future investments in health services and research.

The Evidence-based Practice Center Program is starting an evidence report on the health effects of physical activity for wheelchair users. Please join the email list to stay up to date on the status of this report.