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Using Deliberative Methods to Engage the Public - Facilitating a Deliberative Session (Audio Presentation)


This webinar provides practical guidance on facilitating deliberative sessions. Public deliberation convenes members of the public to learn about and discuss a complex societal issue. The purpose is to learn from the participants and ultimately to make policy or program decisions that reflect their views. The facilitator of a deliberative session is responsible for maintaining the flow of the discussion, encouraging opportunities for participation, and assuring a respectful and open environment that allows for the meaningful discussion and exchange of views that take place in a successful deliberative process.

This webinar focuses on techniques and tools for facilitating a deliberative session. Topics include:

  • Goals of facilitation
  • Techniques for guiding the discussion (examples: active listening, reframing discussion points)
  • Managing unpredictable situations (examples: dominant participants, conflict)
  • Group exercises
  • Training resources

The information presented builds on the experience gained in the AHRQ Community Forum Deliberative Methods Demonstration.

Web Conference

For help accessing the presentation materials, visit Viewers, Players and Plug-ins.


  • Dierdre Gilmore, MA, Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research (AIR)
  • Marge Ginsburg, MPH, Director, Center for Healthcare Decisions
  • Ela Pathak-Sen, Director, Commotion