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Effective Health Care Program

Comparative Effectiveness of Lipid-Modifying Agents

Systematic Review Archived

Archived: This report has been updated.

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This evidence report was commissioned by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to address the following key questions: Key Question 1. For patients who require intensive lipid-modifying therapy, what are the comparative long-term benefits and rates of serious adverse events of coadministration of different lipid-modifying agents (i.e., a statin plus another lipid-modifying agent) compared with higher dose statin monotherapy? Key Question 2. Do these regimens differ in reaching LDL targets (or other surrogate markers), short-term side effects, tolerability, and/or adherence? Key Question 3. Compared with higher dose statins and to one another, do combination regimens differ in benefits and harms within subgroups of patients?