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Effective Health Care Program

Future Research Needs for Comparative Effectiveness of Treatments of Localized Prostate Cancer

Systematic Review Archived

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Archived: The systematic review on which this report is based has been updated.

This report is from AHRQ's series on Future Research Needs Projects.


The objective of this project is to pilot an approach for developing future research priorities and suggesting specific projects to address evidence gaps. From the results of this and comparable pilot projects conducted by other Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Evidence-based Practice Centers (EPCs), AHRQ will identify generalizable strategies and lessons learned.

The topic of this pilot project, the comparative effectiveness of treatments for localized prostate cancer, was selected because of its importance. The Minnesota EPC completed a comparative effectiveness review (CER) on this topic in 2008 for AHRQ. This pilot project amends the list of recommendations from that report and creates prioritized lists of research gaps and proposed research studies. Subsequently, management strategies for local prostate cancer were in the first quartile of the Institute of Medicine's 100 initial priority topics for comparative effectiveness research.