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Effective Health Care Program

Evidence-based Practice Centers

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) created the Evidence-based Practice Centers (EPCs) in 1997 to conduct evidence reports for the Effective Health Care (EHC) Program. In December 2014, 5-year contracts were awarded to 12 EPCs.

The EPCs are housed at universities, medical centers, and research institutions in the United States and in Canada. The EPCs produce evidence reports on medications, devices, and other health care services for the EHC Program with the goal of helping consumers, health care professionals, and policymakers make informed and evidence-based health care decisions.

Each EPC is made up of medical researchers from a broad range of clinical health and scientific backgrounds. The people who conduct research at the EPCs are medical doctors, pharmacy doctors, psychologists, physical therapists, and other medical specialists. In addition, they are also trained in different types of health research such as epidemiology, health services research, and organizational change research.

The reports prepared by the EPCs are a huge effort, requiring assistance and input from an editorial team and peer reviewers that ensure the accuracy, quality, consistency, and credibility of the scientific evidence. We acknowledge and thank the associate editors and peer reviewers who contributed to the EPC reports in 2011 (Letter of Appreciation), 2012 (Letter of Appreciation), 2013 (Letter of Appreciation), 2014 (Letter of Appreciation), 2015 (Letter of Appreciation), 2016 (Letter of Appreciation), 2017 (Letter of Appreciation), 2018 (Letter of Appreciation).

All evidence reports are produced in accordance with an established policy on financial and nonfinancial interests (PDF, 405 KB).

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