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Suggest a Topic for a New Evidence Review

What healthcare decisions are you struggling with? Would a review of the scientific evidence help inform this decision? Share your ideas with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's (AHRQ) Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) Program.

The EPCs produce evidence reports that provide to public and private organizations the foundation for developing and implementing their own practice guidelines, performance measures, educational programs, and other strategies to improve the quality of healthcare and decision making related to the effectiveness and appropriateness of specific healthcare technologies and services. The evidence reports may also be used to inform coverage and reimbursement policies. The evidence reports do not make clinical recommendations or recommendations related to reimbursement and coverage policies.

Nominators of topics selected for development into an EPC report may assume the role of a Partner. Partners serve as resources to EPCs as they develop the evidence reports and technology assessments related to the nominated topic; commit to timely use of the EPC reports; and promote dissemination to their membership as appropriate.

Before You Get Started

When you submit a suggestion, you are nominating a topic for a potential evidence report by the Effective Health Care (EHC) Program.

Learn how to suggest a Topic

Learn how to suggest a Topic

Learn how to suggest a topic for evidence review, and how a suggested topic is chosen.
Search Topics nominated for a New Evidence Review

Search Topics nominated for a New Evidence Review

Search for and read topics suggested by others before you submit your suggestion.

Ready to Submit?

Once you’ve read the submission instruction, searched through the already suggested topics to ensure your topic is new and unique, you are ready to submit.

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