Chewing Gum for COVID-19 Prevention

NOMINATED TOPIC | July 17, 2020

Chewing Gum for COVID-19 Prevention

1. What is the decision or change you are facing or struggling with where a summary of the evidence would be helpful?

Find ways to help reduce the level of coronavirus infection

2. Why are you struggling with this issue?

I have been promoting the use of chewing gum as a way to reduce shouting and loud talk in different situations. Reasoning and associated thought process included in lower insert.

3. What do you want to see changed? How will you know that your issue is improving or has been addressed?

More use of chewing gum

4. When do you need the evidence report?

5. What will you do with the evidence report?

Just positive response is being sought.

Supporting Document

Title or short description: Comments or notes about this file: I have been devoting attention to the possibility of putting chewing gum to help with the current emergency, beginning with following post I submitted to Washington Post:

OK, here is one more amateurish suggestion: Develop something to put in people's mouth - tablets, chewing gum, possibly plastic dispensers affixed to denture - that would issue a harmless disinfectant designed to reduce virus droplets entering and particularly being expelled by the individual. Its use could be mandated or encouraged in specific situations such as mass transit, air travel and specific conditions at work. I was prompted to develop these thoughts y an announcement by Disney that, as theme parks were reopening they would ask guests not to scream on roller coasters. Obviously, not a cure, not a vaccine, ma or not supplement or replace masks, but could bring about a reduction of infections that could be critical for decisions to move between phases of pandemia control.

This leads to submit following considerations in considering possible projects to develop special chewing gum brands with or without added health related ingredients:

  1. Chewing gum is scientifically recognized as a stress reducing practice.
  2. People chewing gum will necessarily talk less loud or shout less, emiting fewer possibly infectious droplets.
  3. Marketing such a product is a business proposition with clearly potential for profit and promotion of good will for manufacturers and distributors, specifically Alibaba.
  4. Politically there is clearly a plus factor to be considered when developing a positive image for the PRC in a time of intense discussion and controversy.

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