Copper IUDs for Birth Control

NOMINATED TOPIC | October 2, 2020

Copper IUDs for Birth Control

1. What is the decision or change you are facing or struggling with where a summary of the evidence would be helpful?

I am interested in new, safer forms of birth control for women with sub-septate or bicornuate uteruses, as the current options are not ideal. As IUD's are not a safe option, and the level or hormones in the pills, injections, and implants are not well tolerated. The less than 5% of women in the US are recommended not to have an IUD, as there's risk of perforation of the uterus. For those less than 5%, there should be a safe and reliable option, such as the copper IUD.

2. Why are you struggling with this issue?

Personally, the options for birth control that are recommended to me are very harmful to my mental health. Not all women can tolerate the levels of hormones in the majority of birth control methods. Had I not had my most recent pap-smear, and had my OBGYN not felt something off during a routine pap-smear, I wouldn't have been sent to get the ultrasounds I did. Had I not had those ultrasounds, I wouldn't have known about my heart shaped uterus, and I would've proceeded to get the copper IUD and been at high risk of perforation and loss of effectiveness. As a young teenager, I was on the pill for acne and mood swings. I stopped around the age of 20 and am currently on a different medication that requires me to be on birth control again. Now, at age 23, I'm suffering from severe mood swings and my mental health is suffering, and these are changes I've noticed in the two months that I've been on the pill. Ideally, I'd want the copper IUD. No hormones, higher in its effectiveness, normal periods, and overall the perfect fit for me. Unfortunately, I've been recommended that I will never safely be able to have an IUD placed.

3. What do you want to see changed? How will you know that your issue is improving or has been addressed?

I want to be able to go to my OBGYN and be recommended a new copper IUD made specifically for the women like me.

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