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Histoplasmosis diagnosis and treatment NEEDS IMPROVEMENT

NOMINATED TOPIC | September 24, 2015
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Histoplasmosis diagnosis and treatment NEEDS IMPROVEMENT

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there are a GROWING number of people getting this fungal infection from the environmentIt is not recognized and often mistakenly diagnosed as cold the flu and even lung cancer When not caught in time it disseminates into multiple body tissues and organs causing profound debilitation including joint arthritis breathing problems. Major chest surgery may be needed with resulting life long complications possible. When caught early antifungals may cure.Very few fungal medications many with bad side effects and need to be taken for months years life as the fungus goes into remission but is not totally removedMore httpwww.livescience.com41097glowingcellsguidedevelopmentofantifungaldrugs.htmlhttpmedicalxpress.comnews201310drugcandidatefungallunginfections.htmlA Large Urban Outbreak of Histoplasmosis Clinical Features 100000 www.annals.orgcontent943331.full.pdf by LJ WHEAT 1981 Cited by 108 Related articlesof histoplasmosis in Indianapolis Indiana from January ... 197659 145. 0.30 casesresidents. 214134 486. 169655 283. 383789 769 cases1000 ...RECURRENT URBAN HISTOPLASMOSIS INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA 19801981aje.oxfordjournals.orgcontent1183301.shortby WF SCHLECH 1983 Cited by 33 Related articlesRecurrent urban histoplasmosis Indianapolis Indiana 19801981. Am J Epidemiol 1983 118 30112. In January 1981 informal surveillance of acute ...Rare Lung Infection Linked to Fungus from Iowa Governors Mansion ...www.redorbit.com...rarelunginfectionlinkedtofungusfrom... CachedApr 1 2008 ... has been linked to a historical governors mansion in Des Moines Iowa. ... Associates of the American Lung Association met for an event at the ... of histoplasmosis a rare but treatable fungusrelated lung disease. ...httpm.wrex.comwmainstory99670132

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My daughter was a victim of this fungus that fulminated and not diagnosed for years crescendoing leading us to Mayo and major chest surgery. If dx at multiple early and continuing doc visits this would not have happened. Dr Chad Rappleye is researcher that undertands the implications and is seriously researching and making progress with dx and drug using new techniques that look VERY promising. He can answer this question better than I.Chad Rappleye a microbiologist at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centerhttpsmicrobiology.osu.edupeoplerappleye.1httpsinternalmedicine.osu.eduinfectiousdiseasesdirectoryfacultychadrappleyechadrappleyecv

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