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Microwave Radiation

NOMINATED TOPIC | May 30, 2022

1. What is the decision or change (e.g. clinical topic, practice guideline, system design, delivery of care) you are facing or struggling with where a summary of the evidence would be helpful?

Please describe the issue. Tell us about who is affected by this issue; the treatments, tests, or strategies that you are interested in; and the specific benefits or harms (outcomes) that are important to you.

The issue: Unintentional overexposure to harmful microwave radiation is a threat to (1) outdoor high power wireless technicians/developers, (2) firefighters climbing atop high rise rooftops that have an installed base of long-range unidirectional wireless transmitters. Intentional overexposure to harmful microwave is achieved by re-engineering commercial emitters (e.g. salvage Magnetron from household appliance, couple it with a pyramid/cone shaped antenna to focus 1000 watts of energy or place an outdoor high gain/power Line of Sight microwave communication transmitter in an alternate circuit to perform weapon function.

Test strategies: At present, there is a need for diagnostic tests to identify biomarkers (e.g. promising - excess influx of Ca2+ into cytoplasm, reduction in ATP, chromosome 17 aneuploidy+defects in segregation etc.) expressed upon exposure to harmful microwave to account for unintentional and intentional exposure.

Outcomes of importance: Absence of diagnostic tests in this context gives room for a disease state (e.g. neurodegenerative, sudden cardiac arrest, esophagitis, endometriosis etc.) to develop due to excess exposure to microwave in a person without attributing microwave exposure as the aetiology for the resulting disease.

2. Why are you struggling with this issue?

Reasons could include:

Studies are conflicting and there is uncertainty about benefits or harms

There is variation in what healthcare providers are doing in practice

It is unclear how to encourage people to use an effective treatment or service. For example, our data indicate that not enough people are using an effective intervention or too many are overusing an ineffective intervention

Existing research on health effects from microwave emissions are exclusively focused on effects post-exposure to regulated emissions (e.g. mobile handset, Wi-Fi, base/vicinity of communication tower etc.).

To the best of my knowledge, there are no systematic studies conducted to evaluate biomarkers expressed due to prolonged exposure (7-8 hours continuous per day) to specific frequencies (e.g. 144MHz among others) at high potency.

3. What do you want to see changed? How will you know that your issue is improving or has been addressed?

Requested change: Diagnostic/forensic tests that elucidate multiple biomarkers (to facilitate triangulation) expressed post-exposure to harmful microwave for prolonged durations (8-10 hours per day).

Estimated improvement: (1) Those predisposed to occupational exposure can guard their health by periodic tests. (2) For decision makers who are vulnerable to fear conditioning enabled by intentional exposure to powerful microwave, the health transparency from the proposed diagnostic/forensic tests will enable unbiased decision making in their respective occupation. (3) The off-shoot of this effort will enable skin patch worn detectors for civilian law enforcement, military to safeguard their cognitive abilities and hence the need to recognize when they are targeted with this method.

4. When do you need the evidence report?

At your earliest convenience.

5. What will you do with the evidence report?

Our reports have been used in many ways. These ways include healthcare decisions, practice guidelines, coverage decisions, program planning and others. Tell us about how you think an evidence report will help you with your healthcare-related issue. (Please include information about timing.)

I would like to start a new venture to develop the proposed diagnostic/forensic tests. Please advise if the proposed venture could be pursued in collaboration with the VA or another medical institution.

Please find attached a summary of facts in support of this request. If OHSU would consider to include me in this research effort, I look forward to share a validation proposal reviewed with positive feedback from Dr. Anthony B. Miller, MD, FRCP, Professor Emeritus, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto.

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