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Care of Older Women at the VA Medical Center

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Internal medicine, physical exams, and care for women veterans at VA Medical facilities. PET Scans without explanation to patient--age range 64+ and associated harms from unspecified/unexplained dyes injected in veins of patient. Improvement in communications between Primary Care Providers and Specialty Providers within the VAMC System and interaction with patient.
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It is important to me because I have been subjected to treatments that I believe have caused me new health problems and aggravated old health issues because provider refused to listen to my input.
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Same as #2 above and to help educate other veterans using the Veterans Administration Medical Center services.
Target Date.
Describe what you are doing currently and what you are hoping will change because of a new evidence report.
I am paying out of pocket for care from Holistic Medicine Practitioners because I have been harmed by pharmaceuticals prescribed by civilian and VA practitioners. I would really like to see changes in practices and in insurance coverage, especially Medicare (for which I am paying but cannot use for the non-pharmaceutical - driven care)
How will you or your group use the information from a new evidence report?
Share with other veterans
How would you or your group plan to disseminate information from the report? Who would you plan to disseminate it to?
Email, word-of-mouth, by any available means. I would disseminate it to veterans, Veteran Healthcare Providers, my political representatives and policymakers
Do you know of organizations that could use an evidence report to change clinical practice? Are you a part of, or have you been in contact with, any organizations that might implement the research findings of an evidence report?
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