Update to Fecal Incontinence Guidance

Update to Fecal Incontinence Guidance

1. What is the decision or change you are facing or struggling with where a summary of the evidence would be helpful?

We are interested in updated guidance about treatment of fecal and incontinence, both with Solesta (dextranomer injection) and sacral nerve modulation.

2. Why are you struggling with this issue?

We are seeing great efficacy with these modalities but see wide variation in what healthcare providers are offering, such as dubious medications and surgery.

3. What do you want to see changed? How will you know that your issue is improving or has been addressed?

We'd like to see newer data incorporated into review and guidance.

4. When do you need the evidence report?

Thursday, October 15, 2020

5. What will you do with the evidence report?

Educate our providers and use the guidance for coverage determination reviews

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Internet Citation: Update to Fecal Incontinence Guidance. Content last reviewed March 2021. Effective Health Care Program, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.

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