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Women’s Health and Abortion

1. What is the decision or change (e.g. clinical topic, practice guideline, system design, delivery of care) you are facing or struggling with where a summary of the evidence would be helpful?

A summary of evidence regarding the specific subject of abortion pertaining to Women's Health would be helpful.

Since the topic of Women's Health is a subject that has many categories with intense depth and body of knowledge pertaining to, in the specific of the topic of abortion the health effects of traumas, that could cause any number of promulgations of psychosocial and socioeconomic effects that could and can be pertaining to and associated with the need to go through processes to get the medical service of an abortion are in need, of immediate care to mitigate and prevent the cause of harm to persons.

A summary of evidence from working and medical systems of reporting to be implemented will give more insight to the context of condition in trajectory, of the circumstance of condition as it evolves to give need a frequency of declaration in form.

It is not only persons with the designation of woman that may have emotional trauma, from the need to go through the process of getting an abortion for the cause of circumstances that cause or may cause psychosocial conditions that are intersectional in adjective effect and affect.

The occurrence of circumstances and conditions that have been or are concurrent in intersectionality that declaration of need is intent for alleviation of condition through the medical service of abortion are not circumstances or conditions that are most likely only that of one individual. There are many people in the process of determining, if the choice of abortion is the right decision for the individual pursuant to the service of abortion.

And the mediating factor in making that decision is the meter of time. It takes time to find if a person is pregnant. It takes time for a person to think about if that person wants to carry out a pregnancy. It takes time to consult with other people about the options available to that person in their circumstances and conditions that are prevalent to the intersectionality of need during that time. There are many people needed to mitigate or prevent pregnancy with the medical service of abortion.

The treatments, tests, strategies, and possible harms that could be caused from the malfeasance of malpractice to an existing, person can cause severe harm or death and "high costs due to common use, high unit costs, or high costs to consumers, patients, health care systems, or payers" rather than the option of receiving a safe abortion in prevention of more horizontal violence in trajectory and pervasion of conditions of that promulgate malfeasance predicating bad health.

I am struggling with this issue because it effects and affects and could, effect and affect many persons in predictable and unpredictable ways of psychosocial and socioeconomic health first individually and then in communities. The issue of not being able to get a safe abortion could cause detrimental horizontal violence's to the well being of individuals, families, and communities.

The costs of malfeasance or malpractice, or the costs of good emotional health surpass the need to coercively control a person through the most, restrictive legislations that hinder the development of the existing person in the malfeasance of abject dehumanization. Persons should have the freedom of the autonomy of their person and should have access to safe abortions in clean facilities where endangerment of health is not imminent.

There may be "studies that are conflicting and uncertainty about the harms caused from malpractice", "there might be variation in what healthcare providers are doing in practice", that could lead to an increased knowledge of best practices in instances pertaining to safe abortions. And we need, metrics pertaining to the information on the circumstances or conditions in that a person might need an abortion; there is an intersectionality of circumstances that create conditions in that the services of abortion are needed. Are those conditions increasing or decreasing? Science, is a just purveyor of information pertaining to Public Health.

The topic of abortion as a medical service for a HIPAA protected, and surveyed Evidence Review included in the implementation of 988 Centers across the United States scheduled for July 2022 would provide much more needed information that gives specific metric to the psychosocial and socioeconomic circumstances that promulgate conditions that are intersection in regions.

And the 8 Pillars of Public Health are very important to the implementation of the 988 Call Centers.

    • For Response
    • Coordination
    • Planning
    • Monitoring

When people call 988, they are at a point of life and death. Many persons might consider suicide, if they don't have access to a safe abortion or any abortion at all.

We need 988 Call Centers equipped with knowledgeable persons that answer calls regarding the potential of committing suicide because they do not have access to a safe abortion or any abortion at all.

We need the Evidence Reports immediately from areas within health services hospitals, clinics, mobile clinics, community providers, emergency services as well community non-profits and for profits that may be effected from the horizontal violence of the immediate need for someone to go through the processes of getting the medical service of abortion.

So in addition to this request for Evidence Reports for the declaration of need regarding services that mitigate the conflict occurrent in Women's Health pertaining to the reasonable accommodation of access to the medical service of abortion I will continue to submit information until the closing date of June 3, 2022. This may be used now though because the need is very immediate for services to be provided for the health of women and for the health of communities that are experiencing horizontal violence's pertaining to conflicts in what is autonomy.

HIPAA protected surveys implemented for additional information through the 988, Call Center pertaining to how many people might have suicidal considerations because they don't have access to the safe medical service of abortion or any abortion at all is a comprehensive, way to integrate immediate service for the need to mitigate persons that feel like suicide is their only option if a a safe abortion or any abortion is not an option.

The medical service of abortion needs, the science of information for the determination of actions to be taken to provide sanitary Public Health.

We need to be able to provide the highest level of comprehensive care in medical wraparound services.

The Evidence Reports should go to the agencies that process those reports pertaining to Women's Health and the intersectionality of the circumstances of condition pertaining to Women's Health, Public Health and other associated areas of health that might be effected and affected from the need for service provision.

"Evidence Reports can help Clinicians and Policymakers understand the benefits and harms of different tests and treatments. Evidence Reports can help Policymakers understand the best options for implementing a new program or intervention such as the implementation of 988 July 2022. Evidence Reports can assist Patients to make better decisions about their health care options. And, Evidence Reports help many people to understand health inequities and can inform actions to reduce health disparities."

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Care of the Critically Ill and Injured During Pandemics and Disasters: CHEST Consensus Statement (PDF, 800 KB)

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