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Identifying and Managing Patients With Substance Abuse Disorders

NOMINATED TOPIC | August 23, 2018
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Individuals with substance use disorders are difficult to identify and to properly manage. A physician is tempted to refuse or abandon the individual that enters their practice. WOrse is that a physician may fall into being complicit. A proper identification requires contacting past prescribers and can be difficult with an individual actively using and without insight or motivation. There is no protocol and I am personally confused at what I can and should do.
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Substance use is the primary motality and morbidity illness we are facing. I soThis catastrophic healthcare epidemic will only gain traction if all sides of the illness is addressed collaboratively.
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I do not know what to do and the solutions exceed my ability to respond
Target Date.
Describe what you are doing currently and what you are hoping will change because of a new evidence report.
I am contacting the physician to confirm the over prescribing with out confrontation. I do not know whether/how to report to other state authorities and how to direct the individual. Do I have a responsibility to report/commit? There is a growing and dire need for physician support and assistance in addressing individuals at risk.
How will you or your group use the information from a new evidence report?
Develop a set of guidelines and processes that will be effective and efficient. The end goal is to develop a community of care in which everyone is directing and supporting treatment
How would you or your group plan to disseminate information from the report? Who would you plan to disseminate it to?
WOrk with APA or AMA
Do you know of organizations that could use an evidence report to change clinical practice? Are you a part of, or have you been in contact with, any organizations that might implement the research findings of an evidence report?
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